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Please, contact us on the following available applications:

The Kloeketabel-application is a free of charge and user-friendly application generating interactive maps in HTML on the basis of Kloeke-codes (→ Kloeke), placenames and zip codes. The application comprises of a fair 5,500 localities in the Netherlands, Flanders as well as some outside of this area. Maps show spread, frequency or estimation. Symbols and base maps are easily replaceable, the same holds for the geographic basis of the application.

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The Javascript-application as it is found at → GTRP-transcriptions will be included in the upcoming second release of the GTRP-transcriptions on → CD-ROM.
A web based application is currently being developed making use of Adobe® "Scalable Vector Graphics".

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The Meertens Mapper-application makes use of MapInfo ® and FileMaker Pro ®. The application is available for users of these software programs. The Kloeketable and its basic maps are separately available in mid/mif format for use in your own GIS-software.

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The Wattel-application calculates for choropleths on the basis of the spread and intensity of available data. Developed by dr. E. Wattel of the Free University of Amsterdam. The program requires some experience. Maps are returned in EPS-format.
Above mentioned Kloeketabel-application reworks your data towards the required input format.

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