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Morphological Atlas of Dutch Dialects

MAND map
  1. plural and diminutive

  2. gender, adjective, possessive, comparative, superlative
  3. verbs

The Morphological Atlas of Dutch Dialects is the follow-up of the intensive fieldwork project named after its initiators, the Goeman-Taeldeman-project. The Meertens Instituut will publish

  • a series of atlasses in which material from the Goeman-Taeldeman project will be displayed in dialectmaps
  • a database in which one can select criteria of one's own choice and draw maps.
The atlas consists of three thematic volumes of each 90 maps:
  1. plural and diminutive, to appear 2002
  2. gender, adjective, possessive, comparative, superlative, 2003
  3. verbs, 2004.
A sister project is the publication of the Fonologische Atlas van de Nederlandse Dialecten. This atlas makes use of the same material as used for the MAND.
Each volume will consist of
  • a booklet containing a general introduction, a comment on each main entry, specific black-and-white maps, maps with a synthesis of the data, a bibliography and an index
  • a folder with coloured maps in A-4 format (with bound edition for libraries)
  • a website with an overview of language development contrasting the data with relevant literature.
The MAND is unique in its kind. Language atlasses which illustrate morphological phenomena are available, but are quite unlike the MAND in their limited scope and depth. In those atlasses a morphological process will be illustrated by a single word. The MAND illustrates such a process by a large number of words. The first volume, for example, contains 40 main maps on pluralization.
Many maps on subsidiary problems and tonal issues accompany the main maps.
A provisional bibliography on diminutives is already available at this site. The list is still incomplete: feel free to notify us on essential works.
The first volume (on plurals and diminutives) will be published in cooperation with the Koninklijke Academie voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde at Ghent and the Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam.

Your requests and comments are most welcome.

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